Kee's Notape Zipper Wins Red Dot Design BOB Award


Recently, Kee has won the highest award in the design industry for the innovative Notape zipper, successfully winning the world-renowned red dot design award - the BOB (Best of the Best) award. The jury highly praised the product as an amazing evolution of a traditional product that redefines the perception of the zipper. As a product that has been on the market for nearly a century, the design of the zipper has never been so disruptive.

Conventional zippers usually consist of two side pieces with small teeth attached, known as "chain teeth". The side pieces, made of textile fabric, are sewn onto the fabric of the garment and are opened and closed by sliders. However, there are inherent drawbacks to this design, particularly the stiffness of the fabric side panels, which can often lead to unsightly wrinkles or bumps on lightweight garments, and Kee's Notape nylon zipper solves this problem. It dispenses with fabric side pieces altogether, retaining only the most basic components: chain teeth, slider, top and bottom stops, and square pins. This allows the zipper to be applied directly to the fabric without the need to worry about the garment distorting at the seams.

By completely removing the fabric side pieces, the NOTAPE nylon zipper solves this problem. It includes only the necessary components: teeth, plug and square sections, and a slider. Since the new zipper is applied directly to the fabric, the risk of fabric tape seams making the fabric buckle and arch is eliminated. Particularly in lightweight fabrics, such as casual, summer and sportswear fabrics, NOTAPE gives them a smooth shape and texture, as well as an aesthetically pleasing appearance. In addition, the elimination of the traditional zippered fabric side pieces brings another significant advantage: a substantial reduction in the weight of the product. This feature immediately caught the attention of the jury, who highly appreciated the weight reduction and its environmentally friendly, recyclable design.

The first development and patent applications for zippers date back to the mid-19th century, but it was not until the 1930s that they began to be used on a large scale in everyday clothing. Today, zippers have become an indispensable and functional part of our lives. The new application of Notape zippers is not only innovative in function, but has the potential to revolutionize the future of the apparel design industry.

Notape zipper is the winner of this Red Dot Design BOB Design Award not solely due to our innovative design concept, but also for its profound reinterpretation of a traditional product archetype. This accolade underscores Kee's mastery of both technological innovation and design aesthetics, marking a significant milestone that signals a new trajectory for the future of apparel design.

The jury's recognition of Notape's weight-reducing advantages and eco-friendly, recyclable design highlights its alignment with contemporary demands for sustainable fashion. Beyond its practical benefits, Notape opens up new avenues for creative expression in garment design, enabling the creation of apparel with fluid silhouettes and impeccable draping.Its impact goes beyond the simple opening and closing mechanism, and has a wider impact on the construction of clothing and the wearing experience.

Kee's achievement with the Notape zipper underscores its commitment to pushing boundaries in textile engineering and setting new standards for industry innovation. As consumer preferences increasingly favor sustainable and functional design solutions, Notape emerges not only as a product but as a symbol of forward-thinking progress in global apparel manufacturing.

In the continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, Kee has always been committed to providing users with more convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly products, and the introduction of the Notape zipper is undoubtedly the best embodiment of this philosophy. In the future, we have reason to expect that with the wide application of Notape zippers, a new revolution will be ushered in the apparel design industry, so that more people will be able to experience the convenience and aesthetics brought by this innovative product.