Notape Zipper

Product Description

Notape zipper removes fabric tapes, keeping only core components: teeth, slider, latch block, and stops. Attaches to clothing with a single stitch, simplifying production.

Notape Zipper
Notape Zipper
Notape Zipper
Notape Zipper
Notape Zipper
Notape Zipper
Notape Zipper
Product Introduction

Product Introduction



No zipper buckling

It achieves lightweight design

An impressive fit and adherence to the garment

Significantly optimizing the prototyping phase

It simplifies the stitching steps

Lead to a significant reduction in carbon emissions & water pollution

Easier to recycle and promote circular use



Enhanced functionality & comfort

Effectively improving freedom of movement

Outstanding durability


Competitive Sports

Smooth & aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly blending with clothing;

Reducing friction, allowing unrestricted movement;

Effectively protecting against harsh weather conditions;

Providing a more comfortable & fashionable wearing experience.


Casual stylish

Simple & stylish, comfortable & well-fitted,

a perfect blend of functions & aesthetics;

Convenient & practical, enhancing clothing production efficiency, and

increasing brand competitiveness in the market.


Integrated Aesthetics, reducing the sense of division

Minimizes uncomfortable friction, fine and soft, conforming better to the 3D body


Continuously applicable to various clothing category


With a groundbreaking design concept & advanced production technology, we hope

the NOTAPE can attract more fashion brands and designers to ignite the vitality of

innovation & drive sustainable and healthy development within the fashion industry.


A pristine blue Earth is the rightful home of humanity. In order to provide an effective

solution for carbon reduction, it is important to reduce dyeing steps, mitigate water

pollution, and decrease the production of synthetic fiber fabrics