Nylon Simple-lux Zipper

Product Description

Nylon simple-lux zipper, brand new light weight design, smaller, lighter & more fashionable

Nylon Simple-lux Zipper
Nylon Simple-lux Zipper
Nylon Simple-lux Zipper
Product Introduction

Product Introduction



S for Simple—Break through the traditional design, Simple puller design, light&bright.

S for Shining—Giving logo greater display space, with exquisite patina process to enhance the brand image.

S for Silent—Using non puller design,fit & quiet.


Travel gear

Light weight nylon zippers with simple puller design

and larger logo display space,

perfect for functional and stylish travel accessories.


Athletic apparel

Sleek and minimalistic nylon zippers with non-puller construction

for silent performance, logo display space

and exquisite patina process, ideal for high-end sportswear.


Evening clutches

Smaller and lighter nylon zippers with modern puller design,

non-puller construction, logo display space, and exquisite electroplating process,

adding a touch of luxury to formal events.

Lightweight and durable Nylon is lightweight and durable, suitable for a variety of products, and has excellent functionality.

Smooth operation Nylon zippers operate smoothly, open and close easily, and are easy to use.

Stylish appearance The simple design gives nylon zippers an elegant appearance, enhancing the beauty and quality of the product.

Customizability Provides a wealth of customization options, suitable for personalized needs, and provides opportunities for brand display.

Multi-purpose Nylon zippers can be widely used in travel goods, sportswear, handbag accessories and other fields to meet the needs of different products