Nylon Ultralight Zipper

Product Description

The world's lightest tail zipper is created by kee. The molded square latch and slider are made of light alloy metal. The width of the tape is 2CM. It is suitable for thin and light sun protection clothing and skin windbreaker.

Nylon Ultralight Zipper
Product Introduction

Product Introduction



Lightweight design: The injection-molded square latch and slider made of light alloy metal make it extremely light.

Smooth operation: The injection-molded square latch design makes the nylon ultra-light zipper smoother and more stable when opening and closing.

Suitable for thin and light clothing: The tape width of the nylon ultra-light zipper is 2CM, which is suitable for thin and light clothing design and will not add too much weight and burden to the clothing.

Comfortable wearing experience: The light characteristics of the nylon ultra-light zipper provide a comfortable wearing experience without affecting the overall beauty and lightness of the clothing.


Choice for lightweight outdoor gear

The ingenious design of nylon ultralight zippers makes them the first choice for outdoor activity clothing,

providing easy on and off methods for climbers and campers,

while reducing the burden on luggage.


New favorite for fashion design

In the fashion field, the detailed design of nylon ultralight zippers makes it a source of creative inspiration for fashion designers,

providing an elegant and practical decorative element

for lightweight summer coats, sportswear, etc.

Lightweight and durable Nylon is lightweight and durable, suitable for a variety of products, and has excellent functionality.

Smooth operation Nylon zippers operate smoothly, open and close easily, and are easy to use.

Stylish appearance The simple design gives nylon zippers an elegant appearance, enhancing the beauty and quality of the product.

Customizability Provides a wealth of customization options, suitable for personalized needs, and provides opportunities for brand display.

Multi-purpose Nylon zippers can be widely used in travel goods, sportswear, handbag accessories and other fields to meet the needs of different products