Plastic Simple-lux Zipper

Product Description

Plastic simple-lux zipper, brand new light weight design, smaller, lighter & more fashionable

Plastic Simple-lux Zipper
Plastic Simple-lux Zipper
Plastic Simple-lux Zipper
Product Introduction

Product Introduction



S for Simple—Break through the traditional design, Simple puller design, light&bright.

S for Shining—Giving logo greater display space, with exquisite patina process to enhance the brand image.

S for Silent—Using non puller design,fit & quiet.



The Plastic simple-lux zipper's brand new lightweight and stylish design makes it a perfect choice

for fashion accessories such as handbags, wallets, and clutches.

Its smaller and lighter construction adds a contemporary touch to these items, enhancing their overall appeal.


Apparel and Outerwear

With its simple and elegant single-head design, the zipper is well-suited for use in apparel and outerwear.

It complements the clean lines of modern clothing designs,

providing a lightweight closure solution that doesn't compromise on style.


High-End Brand Products

The zipper's emphasis on branding, with its larger display space for logos and exquisite electroplating processes,

makes it an ideal choice for high-end brand products such as luxury handbags,

designer clothing, and premium accessories.


Plastic zippers are significantly lighter than metal zippers, making them ideal for products where weight reduction is important, such as in clothing, bags, and sportswear.

Corrosion Resistance:

Unlike metal zippers, Plastic zippers are highly resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for use in environments with high humidity or exposure to water, such as in outdoor gear and swimwear.


Plastic zippers are generally more affordable to produce than metal zippers, providing a cost-effective solution without sacrificing functionality and reliability.


Available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes, Plastic zippers offer great versatility in design, allowing them to be customized to match various aesthetic and functional requirements.

Smooth Operation:

Plastic zippers typically offer smoother operation compared to metal zippers, reducing the risk of jamming or sticking and ensuring a reliable and user-friendly experience.