CX Rotatable Zipper: an innovative solution that breaks through the limitations of vision

Hooded clothing is widely used in daily wear and sports equipment. However, there is a significant problem with the design of traditional hooded clothing: when the wearer turns his head, the hat and the body cannot move synchronously, resulting in a limited field of vision. This not only affects the user experience, but also may pose a safety hazard. This problem is particularly prominent in activities that require frequent observation of the surrounding environment, such as outdoor sports and certain professional work scenarios. Although there are some improved designs on the market, the effect is limited and cannot completely solve the problem of limited field of vision. Therefore, the market urgently needs an innovative solution that can flexibly synchronize the hat and the body.

Common Issues with Traditional Zippers

Traditional zippers have been widely used in the clothing industry, but they usually have some inherent problems. First, traditional ordinary zippers have poor durability. Excessive wear and tear will damage the service life of the clothing, destroy the function of the clothing, and require repair or replacement. Second, traditional ordinary zippers show poor smoothness, such as misaligned teeth or stuck zippers, which make the operation difficult to open and close, affecting the user experience. These shortcomings not only affect the overall quality of the clothing, but also worsen the wearer's experience. Various phenomena have highlighted the need for innovative solutions in zipper design and manufacturing.



Characteristics of CX Rotatable Zipper

Track design: The zipper system adopts a double track structure, allowing the hat to rotate with the user when the user turns his head. Whether the user turns his head left or right, the hat can smoothly follow to ensure an unobstructed field of vision.

180-degree field of view: With this design, the user's field of view can reach 180 degrees, and the width of the field of view is the same as the width of the hat, which greatly expands the user's observation range.

Comfortable rotation: The rotation of the hat is smoother and more natural, reducing the discomfort caused by limited field of view and improving the overall wearing experience.

Challenges solved

The CX Rotatable zipper effectively solves the field of vision dilemma of hooded clothing in many aspects:


Seamless field of vision transition

The track zipper design allows the hat to rotate synchronously with the user's head, eliminating blind spots in the field of vision. This feature is particularly suitable for outdoor sports and scenes that require frequent head movements, greatly improving safety.

Expanded field of vision:

The fixed design of traditional hooded clothing limits the user's field of vision, while the 180-degree field of vision design of the CX rotating zipper allows users to observe the surrounding environment more comprehensively, increasing their sense of security and self-confidence.

Improved comfort:

The smooth rotation mechanism of the zipper reduces resistance when the head turns, making the hat more comfortable to wear. Users can move their heads naturally without worrying about obstructed vision or discomfort.





Application cases

Multiple application cases demonstrate the advantages of CX rotating zipper:

Outdoor sports: In outdoor activities such as mountaineering and hiking, users need to frequently observe the surrounding environment. CX rotating zipper provides an unobstructed field of view, enhancing the user's safety and experience.

Cycling equipment: During cycling, users need to observe the road and surrounding conditions at all times. CX rotating zipper allows users to keep a clear field of view when turning their heads, significantly improving the safety and comfort of cycling.

Professional clothing: In some special industries, such as security, logistics, etc., where frequent observation of the surrounding environment is required, CX rotating zipper helps users maintain a wide field of view and improve work efficiency and safety.


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