KEE Smooth Pocket Zipper: Free Your Other Hand

In daily life, pocket zippers are very common clothing accessories, and their smoothness directly affects the user's wearing experience. However, traditional pocket zippers have poor smoothness and jamming, which is particularly inconvenient when you need to take things out quickly or operate with one hand. In this case, KEE smooth pocket zippers have brought new vitality to the market.


Common Issues with Traditional Zippers

Traditional zippers have been widely used in the clothing industry, but they usually have some inherent problems. First, traditional ordinary zippers have poor durability. Excessive wear and tear will damage the service life of the clothing, destroy the function of the clothing, and require repair or replacement. Second, traditional ordinary zippers show poor smoothness, such as misaligned teeth or stuck zippers, which make the operation difficult to open and close, affecting the user experience. These shortcomings not only affect the overall quality of the clothing, but also worsen the wearer's experience. Various phenomena have highlighted the need for innovative solutions in zipper design and manufacturing.



Characteristics of Smooth Pocket Zipper

Innovative structural design: The Smooth Pocket Zipper is designed for pockets and adopts an innovative structural design, which greatly improves the smoothness of the product.

Improved smoothness by 22%: Compared with conventional pocket zippers, the smoothness of the Smooth Pocket Zipper is improved by 22%, bringing a smoother use experience.

180°flippable: The zipper head can be easily flipped 180°, providing users with a more flexible and convenient operation method.

Challenges solved

KEE Smooth Pocket Zipper has successfully solved many problems in the pocket zipper industry through its unique design and innovative functions.



First, traditional pocket zippers are cumbersome to operate and require two hands to open smoothly, which brings inconvenience to users.Smooth Pocket Zipper refuses two-handed operation and can easily open the zipper with one hand, which fundamentally solves this problem and provides users with a more convenient user experience.


Secondly, traditional pocket zippers often get stuck or not smooth during the pulling process, which affects the practicality of the product.


KEE Smooth Pocket Zipper has innovated to solve this problem. By improving the pull head, it greatly improves the pulling feel and makes the product smoother during use. Users no longer have to face the trouble of zipper jams and enjoy an unparalleled smooth experience.





Application cases

Take a busy business person as an example. He often needs to use a pocket zipper to take out items such as mobile phones or keys. The operation of traditional pocket zippers requires both hands, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also particularly inconvenient in busy occasions. However, since he started using KEE Smooth Pocket Zipper, the situation has completely changed. He only needs to pull the zipper gently with one hand, and it will open smoothly, making his life more convenient and efficient.

Smooth Pocket Zipper has become the leader in the pocket zipper industry with its unprecedented smoothness and unique operation method. By freeing one hand of the user, the convenience of one-handed operation is achieved, which greatly improves the user experience. In the future, we look forward to the launch of more innovative products from KEE, bringing users a more convenient and smoother life experience.


KEE not only provides high-quality zipper products, but also is committed to providing customers with overall solutions based on zippers, focusing on creating and enhancing customer value.

Our Advantages

  • Vertical Integration-Complete control over zipper production processes, excluding plating.

  • Custom Machinery and Molds-Expertise in developing tailored production equipment.

  • Reputable Brand-Known for quality and service excellence

  • Efficient ERP System-Utilizes SAP for streamlined operations.

  • Partnerships with Fashion Brands-Maintains close ties with apparel brand owners for collaborative success.