KEE nylon anti-static zipper: Revealing the new secret of eliminating static electricity

In daily life, especially in industries involving electronic components or flammable materials, static electricity is a problem that needs to be solved. Static electricity can not only damage equipment and cause discomfort to people, but also may cause safety accidents. In addition, people often feel uncomfortable because of static points on clothing in winter. KEE nylon anti-static zippers provide an integrated, user-friendly solution to these static problems.

Common Issues with Traditional Zippers

Traditional zippers have been widely used in the clothing industry, but they usually have some inherent problems. First, traditional ordinary zippers have poor durability. Excessive wear and tear will damage the service life of the clothing, destroy the function of the clothing, and require repair or replacement. Second, traditional ordinary zippers show poor smoothness, such as misaligned teeth or stuck zippers, which make the operation difficult to open and close, affecting the user experience. These shortcomings not only affect the overall quality of the clothing, but also worsen the wearer's experience. Various phenomena have highlighted the need for innovative solutions in zipper design and manufacturing.



Characteristics of KEE nylon electrostatic zipper

Simple design:KEE anti-static zipper is made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and ease of use. The simple design of the slider can be seamlessly integrated into various types of clothing without affecting the appearance..

Efficient:KEE anti-static zipper has a metal part at the end of the pull tab. When the wearer holds the metal part, static electricity is safely released through the chip.

Improved comfort:Through the discharge of the pull tab, KEE anti-static zipper significantly improves the comfort of the wearer and reduces the discomfort caused by static discharge.

KEE Nylon anti-static zipper Solve Challenges
Industry Concerns?

KEE nylon anti-static zippers effectively address the challenges posed by static electricity in multiple ways:


  • Seamless integration:

    Unlike external anti-static devices, KEE zippers become part of the garment, eliminating the need for additional equipment. This integration ensures continuous protection without requiring additional user action.

  • Instant static dissipation:

    When the user holds the metal pull tab, static electricity is quickly transferred to the anti-static chip. This rapid response prevents the accumulation of static electricity and reduces the risk of sudden discharge.

  • Improved safety and efficiency:

    In environments where electrostatic discharge may cause dangerous sparks or equipment failures, KEE zippers provide a reliable safety measure to help maintain a safer working environment.





Application cases

Electronics manufacturing: In environments that require extremely high cleanliness, static electricity can damage electronic components. KEE zippers can effectively prevent static discharge, protect sensitive equipment, and ensure smooth production processes.


Daily life: When the weather is cold and dry, the solutions provided by KEE zippers can effectively reduce the discomfort caused by static electricity to the human body and improve the comfort of the wearer.


KEE anti-static zipper performs well in solving static electricity problems on clothing. Its simple and efficient design can be seamlessly integrated into clothing, and the static metal puller quickly dissipates electricity, improving the comfort and safety of the wearer. Practical applications in multiple industries have proven its reliability and effectiveness.


KEE not only provides high-quality zipper products, but also is committed to providing customers with overall solutions based on zippers, focusing on creating and enhancing customer value.

Our Advantages

  • Vertical Integration-Complete control over zipper production processes, excluding plating.

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